Hide colorGreen
Pass/Interval9th Pass
AffiliationsHarper Hall


Auntie Two was born in a small cavern in a cliff near the Dragon Stones near Half-Circle Sea Hold in the 7th Year of the ninth Pass. She was almost immediately impressed by Menolly who fed her spiderclaws moments after her hatching along with eight other fire-lizards who are her brothers and sisters. She was named Auntie Two because of the way she never stopped reprimanding Uncle along with her sister Auntie One, this reminded Menolly so much of the Aunties and Uncles at her old hold that she named them so. She lived with Menolly in that cave for a number of months before she moved to Harper Hall along with Menolly.

Personality and traits Edit

Auntie Two seems very attached to her green sister, Auntie One and the two of them are nearly always found together enjoying their favourite pastime, annoying Uncle. As she is a green she is not very bright and so is not used by anyone very often. She shows great loyalty to her queen sister will take any order from Beauty no matter what it is.




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