Dragon are a creature indigenous to Pern. Created by Kitti Ping, Dragons were formed by altering the genetic makeup of Fire-Lizard eggs. Dragon share most of the same characteristics of their smaller cousins.

Colours Edit

Dragons usually come in one of five colours.

  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green

However Ruth is White Dragon, a mixture of all the other dragons colours. It was created as a result of a mutation and is genderless.

Dragons are seperated in a caste system according to their colour, in order of power:

  • Gold Dragon- The golds are the only dragons who lay eggs and their riders become Weyrwomen after they mate,
  • Bronze Dragon- Normally the dragons who fly the golds. The rider of the one that catches a gold become a Weyrleader.
  • Brown Dragon- Strong, but not as strong as the bronzes, it is not unknown for a brown dragon to fly a gold.
  • Blue Dragon- Weaker than the other males blue are normally used only to fill up the Weyrs.
  • Green Dragon- The weakest of the dragons, they are females but are rendered sterile by the firestone they consume.