A harper-spy is a harper who is specially selected because of their skills at going unnoticed and at finding information to spy out various places,people or things. Often harper-spies accompany other harpers to events such as Gathers and then split up to listen for information on a particular topic.

Known Harper-Spies Edit

  • Nip
  • Tuck
  • Sebell
  • Piemur
  • Pinch

Examples of when Harper-Spies have been used Edit

  • Nip-During Fax's rise to power Nip was trying to find out about his plans.
  • Piemur-During a Nabolese Gather Piemur was used to try and find out why there were so many fire-lizards in Nabol.
  • Pinch-Pinch was used to help defend the Printer Hall against attack from Abominators.