Gender Male
Rank MasterHarper
Pass/Interval 9th Pass
Affiliations Harper Hall

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: Jancis

Children: Pierjan

Fire-Lizards Gold:Farli

Biography Edit

Piemur is the main character in Anne McCaffrey's novel Dragondrums but also featurs heavily in many of the other books, including The White Dragon, The Renegades of Pern and Dragonsinger:Harper of Pern.

Piemur was born approximately four years before the 9th Pass of the Red Star to a herdsman in Keroon and is about about ten years old when Menolly begins her career as a harper. Piemur was brought to the hall earlier than normal because of his amazing voice. In Harper Hall Piemur befriends Menolly and her many fire-lizards and acts as a guide for her in her first week.

About three years later Piemur's voice breaks and he is sent to work as an apprentice is the drum-tower, however there his quick wits and intelligence make him the envy of the other apprentices, resulting in them putting grease on a staircase to make him fall and injure himself. After his fall Piemur was often sent away from the tower with Sebell or Menolly to act as an unseemly spy (once again due to his intelligence, quick wits and also his small size and boyish look). During an investigation into why there are so many fire-lizards in Nabol, Piemur steals a queen fire-lizard egg and then is carried off in a sack to the Southern Continent.

In the Southern Continent Piemur ventures down the coast away from Southern Weyr where he was transported and eventually on a small beach his fire-lizard egg hatches to become his queen fire-lizard, Farli. Later on he encounters a small runner-beast that was protected by its mother from threadfall, befriends it and calls it Stupid.

He is found by Sebell in the Southern Continent with the help of a makeshift drum and Lord Holder Toric but is then used by both Masterharper Robinton and Toric as an explorer to discover the Southern Continent. He finds Jaxom when he is ill with firehead at Cove Hold and along with Jaxom, Sharra and Menolly he was the first person to visit Landing and he was also heavily involved in discovering AIVAS and later being one of AIVAS's main students. He later marries Jancis and has a son called Pierjan.